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The people matters is an HR Hub where clients & customers can obtain a number of “Best of Breed” HR products & services under 1 roof. Our services are varied & cover the complete HR spectrum. 

With over 20 different HR services at your fingertips, sourcing quality HR products & services becomes simple.

Our values of “Qualty first” & “Ethical business practice” are Key to the success of People Matters.

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About Us

As Management Experts, Advisors, and Human resource (HR consultants), we provide a wide range of services to organizations and businesses to support their human resource management needs.
Here are some common services provided by us:

= HR Strategy and Planning:

– We help organizations develop and align their HR strategy with their overall business objectives.

– We assist in creating workforce plans, talent management strategies, succession planning, and organizational development initiatives.

Recruitment & Selection:

– We support organizations in designing effective recruitment and selection processes.

– We help develop job descriptions, create recruitment strategies, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and provide guidance on candidate evaluation and selection.

Training and Development:

– We assist in identifying the training and development needs of employees and designing appropriate learning programs.

– We deliver training sessions and recommend external training providers.

– We also help evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.

Performance Management:

– We work with organizations to establish performance management systems and processes. We help design performance appraisal systems, set performance goals, and develop performance improvement plans. We may also provide guidance on performance feedback and coaching techniques.

Compensation and Benefits:

– We provide guidance on compensation and benefits strategies to ensure they are competitive and aligned with industry standards.

– We also assist in job analysis and evaluation, salary benchmarking, and the development of reward and recognition 

HR Policies and Compliance:

– We assist in the development and review of HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations.

– We help organizations establish fair employment practices, address disciplinary issues, and create employee handbooks.

Employee Relation:

– We provide advice and support on employee relations matters, including conflict resolution, disciplinary actions, and grievance handling.

– We also conduct investigations into workplace issues and provide recommendations for resolution.

HR Technology and Systems:

– We assist organizations in selecting, implementing, and optimizing HR technology systems such as human resource information systems (HRIS), applicant tracking systems (ATS), and learning management systems (LMS). We ensure these systems effectively support HR processes and data management.

Change Management:

– We help organizations manage and navigate through organizational changes such as mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, or process improvements.

– We provide change management strategies and communication plans, and training to support successful transitions.

HR Audits and Compliance:

– We conduct audits of HR functions to assess compliance with legal requirements, identify areas for improvement, and recommend best practices.

– We ensure that HR processes, documentation, and policies align with legal and regulatory standards.

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